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Five companies working across the UK have been awarded up to £80,000 to develop innovative digital solutions to tackle the challenge of tracking waste from its source through its treatment and final disposal.

The UK generates more than 200 million tonnes of waste a year with individual waste transactions estimated at above 20 million. However, the subsequent transport and disposal of this waste can be complicated and at times fragmented.
In November 2017, the Cabinet Office announced a £20m Innovate UK fund to encourage tech firms to deliver innovative solutions to public sector challenges, like the improvement of waste tracking and action against waste crime.
More information can be found on gov.uk here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/smart-tracking-of-waste-across-the-uk-govtech-catalyst-competition-winners-announced
The latest update from the EA confirmed that Phase 1 proof of concept ended in March 2019, and a subsequent workshop was held where each winner presented their project findings.  An assessment is now underway by Government Digital Services; if a decision is made to move to Phase 2, potentially up to two of the projects may be selected and funding provided to develop and field test a prototype.  The government is also considering legislative changes that would be needed to implement a waste tracking service.