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Membership Application

Please note that by submitting this form you agreed to having read the Articles Of Assosciation for applicants and hereby apply for membership of the Healthcare Waste Management Association (HWMA) and undertake that if elected you will observe the rules and regulations of the Association and abide by the decisions of its Executive Committee, made from time to time to such ends. Furthermore, as a Director/Partner/Owner of the company, you undertake to ensure that all senior managers of the Company are made aware of, and comply with the Code of Conduct of the Association.

HWMA Membership Application Form

Company Type

Which of the following disposal activities are relevant to your Company operations

Which of the following services are relevant to your Company operations

Do you use agents, sub-contractors or franchisees in activities of disposal, collection or hygiene services?

Do you carry Public Liability Insurance cover?

Have you applied for membership of HWMA before?

Upon acceptance of your application, do you agree to comply with all Acts of Parliament, Statutes, Regulations, and Codes of Practice relevant to this industry?

Upon acceptance of your application, will you ensure company attendance at a minimum of one main or working group/street guide meeting each year?

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Alternatively, please email documentation to info@hwma.co.uk